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Política Privacidad

Users may access the Terms of Use on the website. By using the website and its affiliate services, the user hereby accepts, without reservation, all of the aforementioned general terms of use as well as any relevant specific terms that, as deemed appropriate, govern the use of the website and its affiliate services.

The website owners shall at any time and without notice change the appearance and organization of the website. The website owners shall likewise introduce new general terms of use. Said changes shall be published on the website in a manner in which the user is informed of said changes before proceeding with site use. Proceeding with website use once modifications of the general terms of use have been made shall be understood as said user's acceptance of the modified or new general terms.


User obligations

By using this website, the user agrees to being at least eighteen years of age. If the user is younger than eighteen years of age, he or she shall obtain the prior consent of from his or her parents, teachers or legal representatives, of whom are considered to be responsible for all actions taken by minor children under their supervision.

The user is obligated to make proper use of the website as well as any related services in accordance to law, morals and public order as well as the provisions set forth in these general terms and the relevant specific terms. The user shall also refrain from using the aforementioned applications in any manner that may impede the normal functioning and enjoyment of its users or cause damage to the property or rights of the website owners, their providers, users, or any third party in general.

In particular, by using the website and its affiliated services, the user is obligated to the following, non-exclusive specific terms of use:

(a)    To not introduce, store or disseminate any computer program, data, virus, code or other instrument or electronic device capable of causing damage or change or impeding the normal functioning of the website or its affiliate service or onto the hardware, systems or networks of the website owners, its providers or any third party or user.

(b)   To not use false identities or impersonate the identity of others while accessing the website or its affiliate services, including, where deemed appropriate, the use of passwords, third party access codes or any other device.

(c)    To not conceal or falsify in any way the origin of email messages; to block, erase or modify other users' email messages; or send mass email messages.

(d)   To not destroy, alter, disable or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents of the website owners, their providers or third parties.

(e)   To not use the contents, particularly the information obtained within the website, for marketing, sales or other commercial use or for collecting or storing the personal data of third parties.

(f)     To not introduce or disseminate any information that is defamatory; slanderous; obscene; threatening; xenophobic; violent; or discriminatory against sex, race, ideology or religion or that threatens morals, public order, fundamental human rights, public freedoms, honor, privacy or the image of third parties and current standards in general.


Intellectual and industrial property

The user hereby agrees that all elements contained in the website and in its rendered services, information and materials contained therein, structure, selection, organization and presentation of contents and computer programs used in relation to the said website are protected by the intellectual and industrial law of the respective website owners or of the third parties.

Except were authorized by the website owners, or where applicable by third parties' rights or where deemed appropriate by the law, the user shall not reproduce, change, modify, disassemble, reengineer, distribute, rent, render or make available or accessible any of the elements referred to in the preceding paragraph by means of any form of public communication. In no case shall it be understood that any license is issued; that any revocation, transfer or termination, in whole or in part, of said rights is made; or that any right or expectation of right of change, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication in regards to the said contents is conferred.

The user shall use the materials, elements or information accessed on the website and each of the corresponding affiliate services solely for the purposes deemed necessary, thereby agreeing to not make any direct or indirect commercial licensing nor any licensing of services, elements and information obtained therein.

The user shall refrain from removing any intellectual, industrial or relevant rights such as trademarks or copyrights belonging to the website owner, affiliated service and associated third party. Furthermore, the user shall refrain from avoiding or manipulating any technical device established by the website owner or third parties, including the website or any of its services, materials, elements or information obtained therein, for the protection of his or her rights.



It shall be the exclusive responsibility of the registered user to maintain a password with the utmost confidentiality to access the website's restricted areas, thereby assuming any damage and consequences resulting from the violation or revelation of such password. For security reasons, the user may change his or her password at any time.


Guarantee exception

The website owners agree to take all necessary measures to guarantee the availability and continuity of the website as well as its affiliate services. Nonetheless, the website owners do not guarantee that the website and its affiliated services shall function correctly at all times or that the user shall be able to access and use the said applications in a fast, uninterrupted and error-free manner. Likewise, the website owners make no guarantee as to the content and capability of the website or any of its affiliate services to satisfy the specific needs of the user.

The website owners shall act diligently, according to generally accepted industry practices, to avoid the presence on its website or affiliated services, of any virus or other harmful element that could cause changes to the user's computer, electronic file or databases, but cannot guarantee the absence of such elements, thereby being held free of liability of damages that could arise.

The website owners do not control, create nor guarantee the accuracy, quality, truthfulness or capability of the information or services facilitated or rendered by third parties by means of the website. Likewise, the website owners do not control or guarantee the absence of any virus or other harmful element in the information or services facilitated or rendered by third parties by means of the website.

The website owners do not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy or truthfulness of the information and services available on sites administered or belonging to third parties, of which the user can access via links on the website. The website owners neither control the content of said websites nor offer or market the product or services available on those linked sites; the website owners heretofore do not assume any resulting liability.

The user assumes any risk by accessing the website, thereby freeing the website owners from any liability resulting from interference; interruption; computer viruses; network failure or disconnection; delays or blockages caused by defects or overloads in the central data processors, telephone lines, internet system or other electronic systems; or from any other change introduced to the user's software or hardware.

Moreover, the website owners shall not responsible for damages resulting from third parties by means of unlawful interference outside of its control. Neither will the website owners be responsible for damages resulting from the use or misuse of the website nor for damages that may arise from errors, defects or omissions in the content provided by third parties that may appear therein, the third party being, for these purposes, the selected hotel.



Notwithstanding the damages that could arise, the website owners shall immediately and without notice resolve and unilaterally terminate the relationship with the user, thereby interrupting the user's website access, if it is determined that the use of the said website or affiliated services is in violation of the general terms of use or of any relevant specific terms.

The user shall not be responsible for damages suffered directly or indirectly by the website owners or any of its affiliates resulting from a violation of the general terms of use or of any specific terms regarding the use of the website or any of its affiliated services. Likewise, the user shall maintain the website owners free from any sanction, claim or lawsuit that could be imposed by a third party, including any public entity, against the website owners and its employees or agents resulting from the violation of any third party's rights by said user for having used the website or affiliated services in a manner in violation of that set forth in the general terms of use or in violation of any relevant specific terms.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general terms are governed by Spanish law.